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Maybe you're right ... let's lay that aside
(me is a poet,aiiight? )
Next ones with problems:

*) Ball Raider 2
(Control with mouse. Paddle isn't visible. I think it's neither caused by your sprite code nor a WinUAE bug, but by a crappy crack)

*) Barney & Freddy Mouse
(Barney "never loses his electric shield" ... Game is supposed to work like this: Barney is surrounded by an electric shield, which disappears after a short while. If the electric shield doesn't disappear, you cannot move Barney at all. Pressing the fire button a longer time results in death of Barney, which is not supposed to work like this )

*) Dragon Fighter
Yes you fixed that one once. I didn't put it in the zone because you already have it.
Now it's playable and doesn't jump into the Game Over routine anymore. Well done!
You lose energy when you touch the poisoned sea below.
You do NOT lose any energy when you touch other dragons or the venomous bubbles, but you're supposed to

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