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How I'm supposed to start using 1024x768 on WB & Games?
Do I need to activate the HighGFX from Indivision options?

If I directly set resolution to 1024x768 using PAL from Indivision Config, I get quite weird picture - I only see half of the WB screen and evertything I see seems like it's double.

WB's resolution is set to 320x256, if I select HighGFX 1024x768 I don't get picture at all.

btw, should Indivision hide all the pins of Lisa (ie. stick closely to motherboard)?
I recall that my Indivision didn't hide all the pins of Lisa, so it's not closely enough to motherboard and maybe I should try to re-seat it again with more force


Ok I tried re-seating Indivision AGA.

Now randomly, when I've booted to WB the screen tears and kinda "flickers", the resolution is set to 800x600 @*60Hz through Indivision Config.

If I launch game it's all fine.

If I get crappy picture, I just need to reboot few times, and it's ok.

Wondering what causes that - Before re-seating the Indivision it was all fine, I just wanted to make sure that Indivision was properly seated.


3rd time helped - now Indivision is really seated well and it works like charm.

I guess the HDD keeps pushing Indivision too much - Do you guys keep 2.5" HDD in top of Indivision?
Maybe I should get longer IDE-cable and place HDD somewhere else.
I've got NCR Lisa, I guess it won't help the issues
Trying to seek motherboard with CBM Lisa.

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