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Tony's patch only works with OS 3.9 and TD64patch is a different thing, you probably mean FFSTS64.

To answer the original question (better late than never): for an 8GB drive I would recommend one of the following:

- FFSTD64 (Aminet)
- the old version of SFS (
- PFS3 (second hand)

All of these support HD_SCSICMD which means that you can access up to 7.8 GB without any further patch. So you loose about 200 MB which should be acceptable, but you don't need to care about anything else. You can create partitions as you like, even one big boot partition (yes, bigger than 4GB) and you don't need to install something to your startup-sequence. And you don't need to spend money (except for PFS).

If you insist on the latest version of SFS (which IMHO only makes sense for bigger cards), you also need a replacement for scsi.device. This could be the beta strips from or the scsi.device from OS 3.9 (if you have OS 3.9) or IDEfix/max.

Then your boot partition must be inside the first 4GB and the rest of the card can only be used when the patches have been loaded.
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