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Originally Posted by john4p View Post
Nope - that's just a general attitude. And I still think PSPUAE can reach my definition of "fullspeed" someday for many Amiga 500-titles.
I'm just impatient.

It was announced to be shipped by the end of November. But at the moment it seems like it gets delayed to 2009 because of the LCD-delivery problems. Maybe they'll ship the ~600 units they got LCDs for already this year (and since I'm the 13th German that preordered the unit from EvilDragon I might get lucky...).
I can fully understand that not everyone would pay for some non-existing device that gets delayed. I'd usually never do such a thing, either - the Pandora is... an exception...
I personally feel (from past experience), when something like that happens, the first batches end up having loads of problems. Due to them getting desperate for components and the quality goes out the window.

I agree, PSPUAE can reach Fullspeed (in most things), just need the asm intergrated. I just hope chilly gets his other projects finished, and is able to integrate it, as he knows asm inside out.
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