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John Jones-Steele is now one of the Company Directors for Broadsworth. According to the bio I read on him, in his listed game credits, Alfred Chicken CD32 is the only one mentioned (in other words, not the A1200 version). The plot thickens.

Here's his Amiga credits:

Garfield [Softek]
BMX Simulator [CodeMasters]
Alien Syndrome [Softek]
Tetris (US version) [Spectrum Holobyte]
Tetris [Mirrorsoft]
Tracksuit Manager [Goliath]
World Championship Boxing Manager [Goliath]
Subbuteo [Electronic Zoo]
Hard Nova [Electronic Arts]
Ultima VI [Mindscape]
KidPix [Electronic Arts]
SimLife [Mindscape]
Championship Manager [Domark]
Alfred Chicken (CD32) [Mindscape]
Trivial Pursuit (CD32) [Domark]
Herewith the Clues (CD32) [Domark]
DGeneration (CD32) [Mindscape]
SimCity2000 (Amiga 1200/4000) [Maxis]
Speedball II (CD32) [Renegade]
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