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I play them on real PC's, why? because it's more fun asnd you get the chance to learn about how a PC really works after using several cool soundcards in the same PC etc

Have found thru extensing testing and use that these types of PC's are the sweet spot for respective era:

Games up to circa 1988 = 286 PC
Games 1989-1993 = 386DX 33mhz PC (with cache)
Games 1994--> Pentium 200-233mhz, an AMD K6 is fine too

In these PC's I use Roland Lapc-I's, Sound Blaster from model 1.0 up to 16, Gravis Ultrasound soundcards, Roland SCC-I GM/GS midi card, different MPU-401 cards hooked up to a Roland CM-500 or CM32L

With this hardware you get max compatability and enjoyment..and it's real hardware....placebo stuff here
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