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Witch of you still have working amiga hardware, and what systems do you own?

I still have working:

1 Commodore Amiga 1200 3.1 roms , Amitek Hawk 4Mb 40Mhz FPU and 4GB CF Card HD, 3com Ethernet PCmcia card, Running AmigaSys4 Aga, 170w psu

1 Commmodre Amiga 600 2.05 v37.350 roms, 2mb chip ram 2mb fast ram (pcmcia card), 256mb cf Card HD Running ClassicWB Gaae

1 amiga 1200 Custom tower case, at keyboard, Powercomputing 4mb fast ram , 4gb SD HD, 170w psu, cdrom 50x

Plus some spares, joysticks and some other hardware.

And a commodre 1084s D1 in perfect working condition!
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