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Originally Posted by Brutal DLX View Post
Weeeell... now that you mention it... I've been meaning to get around to it.

My other half has a PSP. It's a (relatively) old one with a TA-082 motherboard. I researched it all about two years ago and got all the homebrew/downgrading to 1.50 firmware happening via Henc. We split up for about a year but recently got back together. She's basically lost all interest in it, but I'm interested in catching up on it all again (yeah, I could Google it, but you did ask ).

I suppose it all depends on whether or not you know much about the TA-082 mobo. In the (very) brief searches I've done, I've seen "Hend" appear quite frequently, so I'm assuming that's a successor of some sort to Henc. Is it also a tiff exploit?

Oh, the firmware on the PSP in question is 2.71.

Onto the Xbox 360. I've been seriously considering getting one of these, though the build quality (or lack thereof) concerns me. Is the softmod method similar to that on the original Xbox? I presume that an alternative dashboard along the lines of evox can be installed as well?

Just out of curiosity, what method did you use to softmod your PS2? I didn't actually know that was possible (I got a chip in mine way back in 2002).
I've done shed loads of PSP's, if you're firmware is on 2.71 then you can do a simpler softmod trick just by copying the right files to the memory card, I'll dig out the guide / files for you in a bit.

Sadly to this day the only mod ono the 360 is to flash the firmware on the DVD drive to allow backups to boot. All except the Lite-On drives can be done but this does require a pc with a VIA SATA chipset. The method is a little more complicated but is definetly possible. I've done about 40.
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