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Originally posted by Frederic
To call OS 9 complete garbage negates any worthiness in your arguements. It is hyperbolic and useless. I discard you from any further consideration in this discussion.
Relax Frederic, I know you like the Mac. So much so that you brought it up in this thread even though I did not. The Mac has always had some cool software, I will give it that, I liked Comic Strip Factory myself. But the Mac's of yesteryear were very generic. So much so that the Amiga could emulate them with shareware and free software. The fact that the Mac still had black & white machines available in 1992 was a joke. The OS kept getting updated but did not multitask. Format a floppy and wait until it finished because you could do nothing else. The fact of the matter is the Mac was a very primitive machine for a very long time both in its OS and hardware. It’s only saving grace was it did have some cool programs like Bryce, KPT PowerTools and many others. The fact that very early Amiga’s could emulate the Mac with A-Max was because the Macintosh was an OS and a 680X0 CPU and not much else. Steve Jobs knows this and that is why he had a funeral for Mac OS 9

You may have fond memories of the Mac and I am not trying to spoil that for you but please remember that you had fond memories of Mac software that you enjoyed not the Mac hardware or OS which was horrible. Even changing to a new RISC based CPU (PPC) did not help the Mac OS. Apple has over the years completely abandoned their architecture OS and design. Because of the Mac OS of old Apple was on its deathbed and Steve Jobs had to be brought in to save Apple. The Candy colored iMac was only a temporary solution. Jobs ultimately abandoned the Mac OS and switched to Unix. The fact that he went out of his way to have a funeral for OS 9 in front of hundreds of people is because he knows it sucks and wants developers and users to stop using it. Mac OS X is Unix with a updated Mac OS look and feel, it saved Apple from death. If you are going to sit in this thread and insist that Mac OS 9 and lower were good then you will be the laughing stock of EAB. If you say that Mac OS X is better than Windows and does Video Editing better than Windows machines I can respect that. IMovie is better than most of the sh*t that is passed off as video editing software on the PC.
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