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What ever happened to all the authoring tools?

Back when the Amiga was the machine for multimedia and authoring we were graced with a wide range of software like CanDo, Helm, Foundation, Hyperbook, AmigaVision Pro, and many more. Now that the standard is Winblows all we get is M$ Deepthroating everyone with Visual C++ & Visual Basic. I went to the book store yesterday and there were no general programming books on Basic, they all covered only Visual Basic. Like that is the only basic that there is, sad very sad. Sure we have Java but too bad we no longer have the dream of making programming easier for the newbie like the guys that created CanDo had. What is even worse is the Microsoft greed machine is trying to kill off even Java by making new bastard laungages like C# & .NET

Borland should have developed for the Amiga like their ads said they would in AmigaWorld #1, those poor bastards.

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