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How fast is WINUAE compared to a real amiga?

I was just wondering the other day. I have a 3gb quad core 8800gt powered dell pc and of course, winuae flies. I think its faster than my 68060 which was good, but im sure i get more fps from winuae.

I played sensible soccer on the psp the other day(2006 version), it was awful!! Its always made me wonder what sensible software could have done, if they had an amiga that was as good as i have on winuae. I dont mean with 3gb etc, just the emulated amiga i have. Its FAST, has 32mb of ram and 8mb chip. It would be amazing to see what they could have achived, better gfx, sound and a bigger games (swos).

This may be a daft question as ive been on here for so long but do people still write games for the amiga/winuae (homebrew) i dont mean a paman clone, im talking about a game that pushes the hardware beyond what publishers ever did.

I remember a demo on the speccy, a few years after it died, that used fancy hardware coding that allowed any colour per pixel dots. Wondered if the amiga has anything like that. I know theres a GTA clone type thing but wondered if theres anything else. Maybe something that can only be done on winuae BUT only uses the amiga config/emu options.

thank for reading
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