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Originally posted by Frederic

Obviously you hate Macs if you fail to see it is just what you described.

But your maniacal blindness won't see that the standard setter for video editing, is Apple, and for good reason. Now you can insert your pathetic rant.
The Mac is better now that Apple has admitted that their OS was complete garbage and dumped it into the potty (Mac OS 9.1 and lower) and went with Unix instead. However today’s Mac is not like the Amiga was when it was introduced in 1985, elegant custom hardware with an advanced OS. Instead today’s Mac uses off the shelf PCI gfx cards and PC parts much like the PC. Sure it uses a PowerPC CPU so it is somewhat better but Final Cut Pro does not do real-time effects and integrate into the Mac as well as the Video Toaster 4000 does in the Amiga because of the way the Amiga was designed. Even a brand new G4 Mac fails to impress me when put against a 1994 Video Toaster Flyer Amiga 4000T system.

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