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Originally Posted by Calgor View Post
Well, it may get even slower, I love it when non-IT people try to do IT things:,00.html
Sure just chatting while bippy gets things sorted.
I read of many IT advice given on the net, that are bad advices. Agreed not all IT people are good at their jobs.

Originally Posted by Calgor View Post
Anrea... well, you haven't played enough amiga games!
Wasn't sure if was a real place name, put in a virtual game, have never played Dragons Breath.

Originally Posted by Calgor View Post
It's ok about ISPs, I work in the industry, I just can't be bothered. is the best place to see what's going on. Maybe I could save $10 a month or so, but we don't have great internet in this big red land. If you want larger quotas and higher speed, gotta pay through the teeth.
Some isps i are now starting to reverse it, to maximise their potential profits.

Originally Posted by Calgor View Post

However you set it up will be cool of course, as you are the one doing it. I just hope you have enough quota. I suppose you can monitor it of course and see how things go and adjust.

If you didn't want to leave your computer on 24/7 you could get one of those cheap NAS devices and run a web server/ftp server etc off that. I have one of those and it's pretty neat with virtually no admin required.
Your right it is a long time since bippy posted here.

Bippy any progress made since you last posted on the thread ?
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