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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Hi spannernick,

nice project Hope you get it back online soon. Maybe you could attach a textfile with your current tracklist so I (and some others I guess ) can check if there are some songs that are missing and really need to be there
yeah sure..

Awesome-A - Turrican 2 Main Title (Resurrection RMX)
Awesome-A - X-Out (New Highscore RMX)
Burnt Toast - Lemmings Tune 13
Cirdan - RedSector Theme
Cirdan - Turrican 2 World 5 Remix
Computer - Amegas (Final Dance edit)
Cyborg Jeff - furry in the forest 2001 (crossing over the scene)
Darren Izzard and Alex Aris - MOTRhigh (80s Pop Ballad mix)
Dr.Future - Dancing Man
Gammasutra - Usagi Yojimbo
Gigatron - Shadow of the Beast
IceXuick - KickStarter II (Remix)
Instant Remedy - Back in Time Live Mix
Jarresque - Cybernoid II (Jarresque 2001 Mix)
KaosONE - Hollywood Poker Pro
Makke - Ode to my C64 (Hammerfist)
MarlboroMan - Analyzer (Renewal)
Paul Blackford - Turrican 2 Ending (P. Blackford remix)
Pointless Trace - Turrican Level 1 (Remix)
SevenEleven - Ghost Battle Finish ReMiX
SevenEleven - Lethal Xcess (Level4 ReMiX)
Stefan 'Doxx' Berglind - Cybernoid_II (cover)
Trace - 3 Channel game tune (Tracexperiment)
Wobbler - Turbo Outrun (E20 remix)
XOR - Cybernoid II (Fantasia Cybernetica Remix)
Afterburner - intro
Air Supply - Magic Bytes
Crystal - PP Hammer (1991)
Defender Of The Crown - Intro
Deluxe Pac-Man v1.2
Hero Quest - Title
Hill Street Blues
Impossamole - Title
It Came From The Desert- 03 The Map
James Pond 2 - Title
Killing Game Show - Loader
Klondike Deluxe AGA - Intro
Lemmings (1990)(Psygnosis) - Ingame 5
Licence To Kill
Lotus 2 - Bootup
Lotus - Title
Lure Of The Tempress - Intro
Magic Pockets
Nicky Boom 2 - Ingame 4
Razor 1911 - Amusing IV
Rick Dangerous - Intro
Rings of Medusa
Shockwave - choice
Shockwave - Intro
Skid Row - Pinball Fantasies
Space Crusade - Death
Wild West World
Wrath of the Demon - Title

All I have for now..

Its back online now..

Look at sig..
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