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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Just checked it here (XP SP3) and it works fine. You should check if it happens for other games too. Do you have other Gamebases installed that work fine?
Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
Where did you install gamebase???

Don't put it in Program Files as that's now protected. (or try to run GameBase with admin rights)

It works fine for me, but I installed it only on XP laptop. I don't have a time (nor need) to install it on Vista laptop.

Doh, there is an error. I'm missing 1 rom?! WTF?!
Actually, yes. I have three other Gamebase sets though I have yet to try the CPC one. I ran into this problem with only one other game, Winter Olympics '94, so it's yet possible that the same thing may occur in other sets. Deleting the screenshots for these games seems to have bypassed the problem. I never said, but I am using Gamebase 1.2. It is not installed to my program files (x86) directory. In fact, I install as little as possible to those directories (two of them on x64) due to potential problems. Instead, I created my own applications directory and install most things there.
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