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Beyond UAE

If the Amiga had become the worlds most sold computer instead of the PC we all know that computer land would be a much better today that’s for sure. But at least we now have an Amiga that does in fact run anywhere thanks to the hard work of the UAE developers. We were all sad when Commodore died and all hopes of AGA+, AAA etc went out the window so now we are stuck the scenario we have today. We no longer have computers that are an elegant mixture of cutting edge custom hardware coupled with a robust advanced OS. Instead we have graphics cards from different manufactures like ATI, Nvida, Matrox and operating systems that never take advantage of the feature set or chipset fully because software developers develop their applications generic so that it runs on all of them. Maybe it is time for the authors of UAE to see outside the box and go beyond simple emulation of an AGA Amiga. Create a new AGA+ or AAA Amiga in software, UAE could be your standard platform and applications could be created that take full advantage of this new software based chipset. Some of the things AGA does is still amazing today because you have a standard chipset that companies like Newtek took full advantage of. The Video Toaster is so cool because it uses AGA to output real-time effects to video. This is a feat that video editing systems still don’t have even today. Even the latest Video Toaster 2 for Windows has to render all its effects in near real-time. A 1993 Video Toaster is still cool today in 2002 because of the AGA standard. The best solution would be a new AAA Amiga of course but maybe since we can’t have that a software based AAA UAE could be a nice 2nd choice. What does everyone think about this?
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