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Installing SFS on 8G CF Card using A1200 with 3.1 OS

Hi All,

I have read MANY posts and FAQs regarding SFS, large hard drives, NSDPatch, LoadV43Module, Patchstrip and IDEFix97 but am still VERY confused (even after reading the great FAQs by Killer Gorilla and Bloodwynch).

Some posts that I have read are new and some are old. I just don't know which is correct for my current situation (which I am sure other Amigans are currently in also!)

How do I install SFS on a "large" 8G CF Card using an A1200 with 3.1 OS?

Software I think I need and currently possess:
*3.1 OS Disks
*HDInstTools (from Aminet)
*SFS (from Aminet)
*IDEMax97 (from Vesalia)

Is that correct? I read some other posts that I need LoadV43Module, NSDPatch and Patchstrip? If anyone can just confirm the required components, I think I can try to manage from there...

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