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Originally Posted by DemonHellraiser View Post
Last night I was skipping through some of the Amiga demoscene/game tunes which I converted to MP3 for my mobile and decided it was time to permanently select one for my mobile ringtone.

These are what I have on my mobile at the moment.

Desert Dream part 1
Desert Dream part 2
Desert Dream part 3
Desert Dream All (all 3 combined )
Jump & Run
Orgasmic Chipper 2
S(C)hip #05
Intro 45
Ocean Loader (Amiga Version)

More to follow soon when I get round to converting some more to mp3. I prefer to do this myself and in real-time, as this is the best conversion method for perfection

Currently I'm using Desert Dream part 2 but I think I'll change it for Ocean Loader (Amiga Version - Originally by Martin Galway for the C64)

Just out of curiosity, I wonder who uses what 'n' which is probably the most popular tune that is currently being used.
this is the second time i hear about the ocean loader in a coupla days... where i can find it to listen what's about?
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