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Backup/Restore Hard Drive

It occured to me that if my hard drive and workbench floppy disks fail I might have a problem if I want to get my system up and running again. I'd like to be able to transfer my Amiga's SCSI hard drive into my PC and create a disk image I can burn to CD-R with the hope that I could reverse the process as required.

Linux supports the file system so I could just zip/unzip the files which would get round the problem of restoring to a different sized drive from the original. But, to start fresh on a new hard drive I'd have to manually partition the drive under Linux in order to mount it and restore files.

So, does anybody know anything like "Norton Ghost" that'll perform these tasks if I give it a SCSI id or select a device from a list? Presumably such a tool wouldn't be Amiga FFS specific but I'm having trouble finding one!
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