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Originally Posted by exoticaga View Post
Today $69 Au = £27.27 Uk
Using FOREX rates is a poor method of comparing prices, a better rule of thumb is the Big Mac Index which yields a figure of about AU$69 = UK£45, that's probably closer to reality.
Originally Posted by exoticaga View Post
How much % total would you be willing to upload back to the torrent swarm for every 1gb of data. Upload would be needed to keep a swarm healthy for everyone using it.
For me personally, 1:1 is the only acceptable ratio, if you get into the mindset of only downloading at your maximum upload speed then you never have problems.

That said only the aggregate capacity has to balance for swarms to work effectively, that doesn't mean everybody has to contribute the same amount of bandwidth as some people can afford to upload much more than others, on trackers that strictly enforce ratios there are as many issues with people overseeding as there are with hit & runners eg. unneeded seedboxes, admins soliciting bribes for ratio, new torrents massively overseeded, old torrents with weak speeds etc.
Originally Posted by T_hairy_bootson View Post
I seed at 1kb/s otherwise I cant surf the internet at the same time.
I hope this is just a strange way of saying that you seed at a reasonable rate when not using your connection for anything else.
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