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Well, occasionally I will be using it with LCD-monitor's
but mostly it will be connected to my home TV.

VGA-input has better picture quality you know

But yeah - so it should be fine through VGA-input of an LCD-TV anyways?

I found following specs:

Resolutions supported by the VGA input (15 Dsub) and HDMI (in PC mode):
- 640 x 480 @ 60 Hz, Horizontal frequency 31.5 kHz
- 800 x 600 @ 60 Hz, Horizontal frequency 37.9 kHz
- 1024 x 728 @ 60 Hz, Horizontal frequency 48.4 kHz
- No assumption of synchronicity on the Green or composite signal synchronization
- No interlaced signals

It also support 70 Hz and 75 Hz on some resolutions and so on.

So does the TV have problem with AGA/Amiga resolutions when playing games?
Would I need some kind of upscaler between Indivision and TV or does Indivision do the upscaling by default, even when playing games or watching demos?

The TV's manual states that it doesn't support smaller resolution than 640x480,
heres link to the specs:

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