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Originally Posted by gmiaow View Post
This does look tempting... but I think both my boards have HP Lisas and I'm not too sure if this mounting issue is enough to put me off. Having said that I'm not adverse to a bit of sanding. Does it really stick firm enough to withstand a small drop if the sanding is done? (or is it a case of hammering the thing into place )?
Even though mine has always been stable (ie you could turn the MB upside down and it didn't budge) I wanted to be sure it wouldn't move about when I transported it so I last night I siliconed the sucker down. I'd recomend it to anyone and it's very easy to do. I also siliconed the VGA out connector in place as it comes out very easily.

Talking of Indivision Mods, I also recommend that people grind down their lower RF shields under the floppy to prevent the VGA cable getting squashed, you don't need to take much metal off to do this (I love my Dremal). Just make sure you don't attempt to do this while your MB is still in place

I also hacked an old PC VGA backing plate into shape so now my 1200 is all good for some decent AGA output

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