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Indivision AGA 1200 Scandoubler Problems.

Indivision AGA 1200 Scandoubler Problems.

I have been reading the pages from the forum with interest.
The indivision is installed OK on my motherboard I’ve double-checked.
My problem has not really been mentioned.

The scandoubler works perfect in the following screenmodes:
PAL: Low Res
PAL: Low Res Laced
PAL: High Res
PAL: High Res Laced
PAL: Super High Res
PAL: Super High Res Laced

You have to tweak the monitor settings to fill the screen.

The monitor is a TIME CRT 17s DP17LT SVGA,
Horizontal 30KHz to 70KHz, Vertical 50Hz to 160Hz.

The problems seem to be with all the other screenmodes i.e.

HighGFX mode
All Multiscan: Productivity
All Super72
All Euro36
All Euro72

These fail to work properly.
They seem vertically out of sync; you can make out the Workbench title bar that travels down the screen vertically with the grey background travelling up the screen vertically. There is no way of selecting the config tool.

I have tried all the things mentioned on this forum i.e.

Flashed with the newest core V1.2 Final.
This improved the pal screen modes that worked ok, but not the others.

Tried using the new V0.99 Config Tool clicking on “Use Display Timing” box, changing to “Use Display Timing from User Setting” mode and changing the scanmode from 1.25x to 1.0x.
Also changing H-Total and V-Total then selecting Use config, before selecting a new screenmode but this didn’t work.

Tried the FirstAid Disk for HighGFX, you see the Workbench screen but again this travels vertically
down the screen. You get the same with the HIGHGFX test picture in the HIGHGFX Package V40_6.

I have tried tinkering with the monitor set up, but there is some sort of frequency problem and
I don’t know how to change the settings to correct this.

Computer: A1200 2mb 1D4, with Blizzard 1230IV 32mb.
System OS: Workbench OS3.5 with Boingbag 2 update installed.
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