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I have a Wii. Great hardware/controller/price match, but I will never recommend it. Apart for RE4 the software titles are aimed at 6 year old children. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE playing simple fun games... but after a year of simplified games and after being overrun with 1001 Mario titles, I am sick to death of the hopeless selection of games.

I purchased a PSP a month ago just to have a bit of variety in games. Yes the DS has a larger library of titles, but they are all the same Wii titles cut down to a handheld.

The PS3 is a nice looking machine, but the 360 now allows bedroom programmers to release low budget games. That is very appealing for someone like myself who sees game production as my next step. I have worked on other games studios, I have been waiting for an opportunity to work on my own game and a few educational titles. Having released a couple of my own commercial educational titles, I don't see myself as being a novice ready for failure.

Other random hardware, anything from a CD32 to a moderate Windows box. Maybe find one of those old virtuality arcade machines.
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