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Long time ago I wrote tutorial for DOSBox and provided a lot of help to people who couldn't install/start games.

I used D-Fend at the time as front end, but now you have to get different new front end.

IMHO, it still helps to learn first basics of DOS and setup before you use front ends.

As favorite way to play old DOS games I still like more my old P133 widnows 98 setup with DOS shotcuts. Those shortcuts if set correctly make your Win98 the best option to play dos games. I wrote tutorial on how to setup those shortcuts (different shortcuts with different configuration - for example with or without CD rom - also with good memory utilization) but I couldn't find it any more.

If someone needs it, I can install Win98 on Virtual PC and help with setup and other stuff that you need to make best DOS setup.

Also if you need help with DOSBox, let me know. I'm sure we can figure out something.

EDIT: Here is DOSBox tutorial.

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