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Hooooo I have a similar problem too?????

Hi m8 i have read your post about trouble with installing os 3.9!
I have fitted the 3.1 roms ok and have made an emergency disk from the os3.9 cd.I have then clicked on install os3.9 over 3.0/3.1 or empty harddrive which in my case i am trying to install over wb 3.0.I am then instructed to reboot with the emergency disk which i have done BUT it boots so far then it comes up with CACHE CDFS CANNOT OPEN"cd.device"unit 0.Then i am asked to please insert volume amiga os3.9 in any drive.Then when i cancel the os3.9 it then goes onto say c/mount/unknown then goes through a few things like sys and stuff then ends with a box cache cdfs cannot open "cd.device"unit 0 ABORT.

I have even tried installing with out the emergency disk and then it starts to load off the cd rom ok with the percentage going up to 100% then when its done there is a ding noise then it says to remove all disks and reboot which i have done but then it does not boot off the harddrive it goes str8 to the purple screen with the disk and 3.1 roms.

If you can tell me whether you have found a solution or found help can you help me out please???????
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