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Problems Installing os3.9

I'm trying to install OS3.9 onto a cd32 +sx1 with 4meg fast and 800meg harddrive. I made an emergency install disk, and successfully formatted my harddrive using SFS. When I try to install OS3.9, I boot up from the emergency disk and run the install program from the cd. Everything seems to run fine, and eventually it tells me to reboot. However, when I reboot, I find that there is no startup-sequence. I've copied the startup-sequence from the Workbench3.5 directory, and after Workbench loads, I notice that libraries, icons, ect are missing from the harddrive. I can't set any prefs, and have only basic WB functions available. Also, I keep getting packet errors when trying to copy from the cd. The cd drive works with WB3.1. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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