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Originally Posted by Codetapper View Post
Just curious, but why are scanned versions preferred over text? Text can be indexed and searched easily. A scanned version is massive and cannot. And who really reads these books online in that way? Books like Mapping the Amiga are perfect as text as you can lookup the bit you need, and the filesize for the entire book would be tiny!
I prefer it for nostalgia's sake: the original covers, illustrations, and typesetting are part of the fun. I don't find an ASCII text file nearly as enjoyable to read, but I just read most of these books for fun and don't generally use a reference manual. Also, I like to know that I'm not missing something that hasn't been transcribed.

I see why you prefer text for navigation, but navigation can be combined with images of the original (if someone is willing to do it). File size is a fair point. I don't care about local disk space, but it certainly has an impact on the number of willing hosts.
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