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Can't get MUI working on my A4000T ?

Hi everyone,

Well I am close to getting my 'new' A4000T working fully... The last snag, I can't get MUI to work 100%. OK, the MUI prefs program, and SongPlayer happily work, but no other MUI apps. work... I tried copying everything MUI-related from my A1200T that has a working MUI install... MUI Dir, Libs (except for workbench.library, 'cuz it's a 4000T) Classes, everything I could think of...

When I try to run Madhouse config, or Genesis Wizard, or most other MUI apps. I get 'Unable to create MUI application' (Sometimes in German

Software-wise, the 4000T is close to stock, NewIcons V4, OS3.1

My 1200T has lots of stuff on it... OS3.9/BB1&2/MCP...

So, what gives? I copy (I think) all MUI files from my 1200T to my 4000T, no luck...

Does MUI 3.8 require any files beyond what come in the archive? If its' custom classes, why wouldn't a simple copy from a working MUI install work? Is (God forbid) there some problem with MUI on A4000T's..

If it is as simple as needed custom classes/MUI files, any ideas if there is a package that will install all possible needed files??

Any ideas would be helpful

I suppose some specs would be nice

A4000T OS3.1, 128 MB RAM or so, CS MK3 '060, Toaster,Flyer,PAR,TBC4,SCSI CD-ROM,SCSI CD-R, NewIcons4, Oxypatcher

A1200T OS3.9 w/BB1&2, P5 1260 w/DCE 1230 SCSI, 128 MB RAM,
MCP, Oxypatcher
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