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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
I just tried it and it works without problems for me. The only problem is that you don't see that you have to press return. So first you could do it without redirected output to see how many times you have to press return.

dms write ram:test.dms to df0: >ram:dms.txt works fine!
Dear StingRay the problem is that with your command instead of the ASCII add it stores into ram: this dms.txt file:

›1;31mThe DISK-Masher: ›0;33mCommand Line Version ›32m1.11 ›1;3;31mTURBO ›0;32mGENERIC
›31mCopyright © 1989-91 ›32mSDS Software. ›33mAll Rights Reserved.›31m
Unknown Command write:HEIMDL0A.DMS.
›1;31mDMS ›0;33mRead file›31m[.DMS]›32m ›31m[FROM ›33mDev:›31m] [TEXT ›33mfiletext›31m] [CMODE ›33mmode›31m] [LOW ›33mlowtrack›31m]
[HIGH ›33mhightrack›31m] [NOVAL] [NOZERO] [ENCRYPT ›33mpassword›31m]
›1;31mDMS ›0;33mWrite file›31m[.DMS]›32m,,, ›31m[TO ›33mDev:›31m] [LOW ›33mlowtrack›31m] [HIGH ›33mhightrack›31m]
[NOVAL] [NOTEXT] [NOPAUSE] [DECRYPT ›33mpassword›31m]
›1;31mDMS ›0;33mRepack file›31m[.DMS] [TO ›33mfile›31m[.DMS]] [LOW ›33mlowtrack›31m] [HIGH ›33mhightrack›31m]
[CMODE ›33mmode›31m]
›1;31mDMS ›0;33mView file›31m[.DMS]›32m,,,›31m [FULL] ›1;31mDMS ›0;33mText file›31m[.DMS]›32m,,,›31m
›1;31mDMS ›0;33mTest file›31m[.DMS]›32m,,,›31m ›1;31mDMS ›0;33mHelp›31m

Sorry... to paste it all.... I would edit as soon as you read it.

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