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No good web browsers on Amiga (no firsthand knowledge of this but brought up plenty of times by people on this board). Will that change with OS4? Remains to be seen.

The new Amiga is shacked up with Motorola's PPC & Matrox (matrox tends to be innovative when they're not slacking off, both companies tend to spend most of the time behind, or way behind the technology curve being generated by AMD/Intel/Nvidia. Motorola has shown no signs of being competitive on a performance or price/performance ratio with Intel in almost a decade.)

Also, look for the new Amiga to be much more expensive than a PC, to not have full 3D support until "later" (whenever that is), and, shipping with a brand new OS, to have anemic software support (at least for the first few months, but thats to be expected with any new OS).

On the plus side... it has the Amiga name?
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