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Smile CLI Telnet server

Before I get a lecture on the security issues of this I'm wondering if it's possible for an amiga 1200 running MiamiDX to serve CLI via telnet? there would be some advantages to me, being able to remotely compile code is the first that springs to mind.

I know that MiamiDX has a fairly clever config program (I wish there was something like this for GNOME!) for adding daemons, and I've already noticed it has a large number of open ports anyway (try telnet to a MiamiDX amiga on port 19!) and the manual is fairly comprehensive but I'm not sure if serving shells is possible without additional software. How would login work, would I need to add scripts and that?

I'm sure this has been done what with the number of BBSes on amigas.

This thread

seems to be referring to this, but I'm not sure.

In this one

He's using Genesis, but he gets it to issue "Newshell *" for incoming connections on port 23. Sounds about right, but is that possible in MiamiDX?
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