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Originally Posted by ma693541 View Post
Hi xpect. A bit off topic here. If your ADSL line kneel down for you again, you have the same problem i had. To high connection speed on a bad line.

I had 12Mb ADSL line but had to reduce the speed to 9Mb because of a bad line, before i could even get out on the net.

Maybe yes. I have exactly a 12Mb ADSL line. But the strange thing is as soon as I switched to Cute FTP my problems were over. I think filezilla has some good problems with this ftp in particular or overall i don't know. I've used it for many years now and was sometimes a bit inconsistent, but worked.

Well Cute never game any problems in my previous use of it many years ago (a very old version) and i think i'm going to stick with it.

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