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Originally Posted by cosmicfrog View Post
I feel your pain xpect

that a nice idea hit not only could it be done to those cd`s but how about some1 doing it to the whole of Magix`s ftp server what with ppl puting stuff in user draw its starting to get a drag looking for stuff.

I`m on the look out for a ftp client for windowz seems filezila has a few probs so what are yur suggestions for a ftp client? ideally i would like it to be simple and fast

Well from my experiences FileZilla 2.2 worked very well. It's the client that I used most, on normal ftp and sftp.
8 years ago used CuteFTP Pro an ancient version that worked truly well. Fast without one single problem. But that was in a network environment on a company i used to work. But it's not free.

There are a bunch of them just search "Free ftp client". I know a guy who use FireFTP for Firefox and is happy with it. The problem is if your firefox goes down, so your uploads/downloads.
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