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Originally Posted by hit View Post
would be nice, if someone could add an index file to the CD-Images he is investigating. those AFCD/AACD for example, like it was made at the Merciful images (/User/stainy/*.index).
on amigados: dir CD0: All
on unix: ls -R
so you know what you get. just a suggestion


I'm going to rip some 7 original utilities CD's (you can see on my first post here) and was thinking doing that.

Thanks for the tip and reminder.

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post
...but there are ways around that

Ooops, did I say that


Originally Posted by exoticaga View Post
I also use Turbo ftp it is really good for verifying data for large ftp collections using the session mode. I normally use filezilla and check later with Turbo ftp to verify. The downfall is TurboFTP can only have connection thread working, not two or more like other ftp clients.

Best FTP client i know so far is filezilla v2. I couldn't get on with v3 it has to many bugs, and still has like above posts.

Yes it is. Used it for ages. Use filezilla server with SFTP, and works like a charm. And I'm thinking in reverting following this upload.

On the positive side V3 as much cleaner user interface. But if doesn't work...

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