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Can someone please explain what is happening?

I'm working with Filezilla which is my main ftp program for years.

Last night i put the rest of the bunch of CD32 titles uploading to the server, but something very unusual happens.
Some of the upload where interrupted on the queue, ok that's normal but why the heck when i resume a file, finish, and then starts over again , ruining the previous upload.

For instance i resumed Speedball2, 10mb left over to finish the job. Job finishes, them start over again, without my intervention.

SSF2 the same, uploaded 2 times. Ruined!

I left the setting to resume upload automatically at night. Removed it to ask user intervention, then resumed manually the upload of speedball2 and bang.

Is there a bug on this last version of Filezilla it's the first time i'm using it, following a fresh install last wednesday.

I'm ripping my hair off with this

I've uploaded Thursday dozens of files at night to my user folder, without this problem.

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