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Cybersphere (Full registered version) it even has a two player mode.

But the best game ever in this genre is the MS-DOS/Mac version of the German game
Bolo by Dongleware

It is a colorful and much improved sequel to the monochrome Atari ST classic of same name. The game is made by the creator of cult games Oxyd and Per.Oxyd.
This is the single most innovative breakout clone ever made. Your paddle can move in any direction but not through the bricks (and some bricks will kill you on touch!) and holes that can be anywhere on screen suck up the ball instead of only the bottom of the screen being deadly.
Almost every one of the 50 levels introduces a new gameplay element. Physics effects such as rubber bands, magnetism, gravity with varying ball sizes and weights, varying inertia... the list goes on... bombs, switches, teleports meditative music in the background etc.

There is a yahoo group about it

PS: It works in Dosbox and I have the original cd and the update patch file here...

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