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Originally Posted by JuvUK View Post
Hi all,
1st post time, can anyone tell me how AB3D and AB3D2 run on an A1200 with a 1260 and 32mb ram?

As I remember AB3D was good fun on a vanilla 1200 but became a lot smoother with just extra memory. Basically it flies on an 030 or better.

AB3D2 TKG is a bit of a sad story because I don't think it runs really smoothly on any Amiga hardware, 060 included. Its certainly playable though.

You would be better off with Quake, standard version, let alone the faster variants like Blitz Quake.

Breathless seemed to me to lack any real atmosphere, but some people really like it. DoomAttack is great on an 030 and flies on an 060.

Hope that helps.
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