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"With regard to the sharpest and most melting sorrow, that which arises from the loss of those whom we have loved with tenderness, it may be observed, that friendship between mortals can be contracted on no other terms than that one must some time mourn for the other's death: and this grief will always yield to the survivor one consolation proportionate to his affliction; for the pain, whatever it be, that he himself feels, his friend has escaped."
-- Samuel Johnson

Belgarath, once again, thank you for helping me through a difficult time recently, and while there is not going to be any wedding to invite you to in return after all, I'm still in dept to you for stopping me from falling apart when I most needed someone to talk to, and for listening to my whining in spite of your own worries and problems. While money is no consolation of course, I hope it helps a little with the inevitable real world problems, at least.
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