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Very sad news ;(

Unfortunately I have some terrible and tragic news. As some of you may know by now, Belgarath's wife passed away a few days ago.

I'm positive I'm not alone in offering my most sincere condolences to Belgarath and his family. Our prayers are with you all in this very difficult time.

Belgarath and Alyson had been together for 12 years and married for the past 11. Unfortunately Alyson had a lot of health issues and so Belgarath took on the duty of caring for her for most of that time. The last 4 years have been especially tough as Alyson suffered a stroke...

Throughout the years I've known Belgarath, he's always been a good friend and very helpful to everyone he comes across. He's also a private and very proud man.

Belgarath has given so much to the Amiga community as part of the HOL team and creator of GameBase Amiga. Personally, I believe it would be a very nice gesture to give something back to him in this time of need.

I propose that we try to collect some donations / contributions to help the family with the cost of the funeral and other things.

If anyone else would like to donate / contribute there are 2 ways;
... PayPal
... Barclay account

Keeping track of the incoming payments will be extremely easy. Very simply, everything that goes into either account is for Belgarath and family.

These are my PayPal details: damienjdavis "at" yahoo . com

If you are in the UK and feel more comfortable with paying straight into my spare Barclay account then please PM me and I'll give you the details...

All help is very much appreciated, no matter how large or small. It's the thought that counts.
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