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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Hi xpect,

put it in the CD32 folder I wonder how small did it get? My version has 405 MB in RAR format (it's in CloneCD format).


Well in best mode with recovery record 419Mb, 415Mb without. Also in CloneCD format. The only one that coped with the disc, nonetheless it took 22min alas the others 1-2 min to image. How did you got 405mb? Maybe a diferent press disc? Mine has 1 data track and 46 audio tracks.

Tomorrow i'll be uploading the rar's besides Video Creator that is already in CD32 folder.

I'll be uploading under user/xpect the adf images of Amiga Format and Amiga Shopper magazines that will be compressed also in rar. It will be individual files.

Cheers to all.

P.S. TCD - Listened to Symphonic Shades. Great works from the master. Thanks for sharing!

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