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I'll echo what the others have said.

AB3D runs very well on 030+ so it will fly on your 060. It's an awesomely good game and one of my favourites.

AB3D2 is a bit clunky on 060 and way too hard for me. I played through AB3D many times, but lost interest in AB3D2 very quickly.

Breathless is better, but the engine is a bit simple and rooms start to feel very samey after a while. Try it, YMMV.

Doom is very good on 060 and a classic game as well. You can use many (all?) of the expansion levels created for the PC version. Do yourself a favour and pick up a Doom collection on eBay or something.

I believe Genetic Species is highly recommended too, if you like the FPS genre.

Haven't played Testament.
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