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So often i hear that Zool is an awesome platformer but the truth is there are better games of this type on Amiga

And anyway the Amiga didn't really have the hardware or dev support to compete with the Snes or Megadrive.As well western design back then for the most part was simply not as good as say Konami,Capcom,Sega,Nintendo etc.Most of the time the results were easy to see

There are still some charming games though like the arcade coversions of Rodland and New Zealand Story, Yo Joe is quite neat.Never anything to compete with the likes of Mario though and if you havn't already, i suggest you play that over anything Amiga has

Even though the Amiga is my true love when it comes to how much i fondly remember the era and actually owning the hardware, i'd suggest playing some of the better Snes and Megadrive classics - Amiga did other stuff far better than what you got on consoles but platformers certainly wasn't it's strength when in a direct comparison

Actually Naughty ones and Soccer Kid were rather well done and worth a look.I also played Mr Nutz first on Amiga and found it to be less generic than the slightly souless console versions - possibly because i played the Amiga version first or was it that i just didn't dig the new and inferior console music

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