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I have the following original titles all on CD for the CD32 and Amiga, some are on the original TCD list and don't know if were uploaded or not.

CD32 Games:

Microcosm (Psygnosis)
Pinball Fantasies (21st Century)
Project-X/Ultimate Body Blows (Team 17)
Speedball 2 (The Bitmap Brothers)
Super SkidMarks (Acid Software)
Diggers / Oscar (original CD32 bundle disc)

CD32 Programs:

Insight Dinosaurs (Optonica)
World Atlas (Wisedome)
Video Creator (Almathera)

Amiga CD-Roms:

Workbench Add-On Vol1 (Schatzruhe)
Euroscene 1 (Almathera)
Sounds Terrific I (Weird Science)
Sounds Terrific II (Weird Science)
17 Bit - Phase Four (Almathera)
Zoom (Active Software/Ground Zero)
Multimedia Toolkit 2 (Weird Science)

A bunch of Aminet CD's from 4 to 12, and Aminet Set 2 and 3 (I don't think to much use know, everything's online)

This CD's are all originals. I will make the iso's and upload if anyone interested.

Also have in ADF format converted from the originals:

Amiga Format disks from 50 to 89
Amiga Shopper from 41 to 69 including subscribers disks and shareware disks

If anyone interested ring a bell!

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