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Originally posted by andreas
So ... could it be that this TOSEC name
Alfred Chicken CD32 (1993)(Mindscape)(AGA)[cr Mystic]

should actually be something similar to

Alfred Chicken A1200 (1993)(Mindscape)(AGA)[cr Mystic]
I haven't actually looked at the disk in question, so I am just speculating here. But in the scene days, crack groups would often release a disk-based version of a CD32 title. So in effect, that release would be neither and/or both.

It was so users without CD32 systems could play the game, since they would work perfectly on the A1200 (but without the CDDA tracks, natch). So maybe Alfred Chicken is one of those titles. I'd have to dig out the old filelists from BBS's to know for sure.

The stickers I remember seeing on the Alfred Chicken box said "A1200 Compatible".
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