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Originally Posted by MazinKaesar View Post
I know, I know. I tried some Wii games but definitively I did not liked them, as I don't like NDS games: most of them look like the games made in flash you can play for free on the Internet, and I felt the remote controls uncomfortable. But it's just my view... consider I have a Gamecube, but I have no Nintendo classics like Zelda or Mario, I just have all Resident Evil games, Eternal Darkness and Super Robot Wars GC (but I think I will sell it as I will buy an Xobx360: the remake on this platform is better). I tired even Metroid Prime, and I liked the control system but not the game itself (too politically correct, as any other Nintendo game).
Those are all gamepad style games, right? Well, no wonder you don't like the Wii, it's not built for that. Really, the graphics capabilities are not good enough to make for a good console gamer's console.

I know Wii is a social platform, but I don't like social gaming, I prefer to play videogames alone (in facts, I never play online!!!). I don't like Wii, but I don't hate it. Well, I hate Tecmo because released Fatal Frame 4 ONLY on Wii
Fair enough, man. The Wii is definitely not a system to play by yourself. It's boring by yourself, actually. I play a lot of T.W. Golf, but there's almost always someone on controller 2 (and 3, and 4!)...

Any console must be modded, as well to play import games!!!
Unmodified hardware is ... hmm ... trying to come up with a good slogan. Ah!

Unmodified hardware is recently purchased hardware!

I would modchip my Wii, but after I put Guitar Hero III in the drive and it upgraded my firmware against my will, I'm reluctant to take a chance on bricking the system. I didn't do it at first because the modchips were new and I wanted to wait until there was a stable methodology in place, and now I don't want to, despite my desire to play 'borrowed backups of games'.
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