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Originally Posted by pkillo View Post
I bought my Wii in late 2006, play all the time, and I have yet to play any game on it that makes me hold the controller like a gamepad and just push buttons. the game pad arrows and buttons are really an afterthought.

I guess it depends on what games you play; you could go out and buy all games that are basically conventional nintendo-type games if you wanted, and then you are right that you might as well have a gamecube, but there are many good wii games that don't fit that style.

like graham posted earlier, it's a more social platform.
I know, I know. I tried some Wii games but definitively I did not liked them, as I don't like NDS games: most of them look like the games made in flash you can play for free on the Internet, and I felt the remote controls uncomfortable. But it's just my view... consider I have a Gamecube, but I have no Nintendo classics like Zelda or Mario, I just have all Resident Evil games, Eternal Darkness and Super Robot Wars GC (but I think I will sell it as I will buy an Xobx360: the remake on this platform is better). I tired even Metroid Prime, and I liked the control system but not the game itself (too politically correct, as any other Nintendo game).

I know Wii is a social platform, but I don't like social gaming, I prefer to play videogames alone (in facts, I never play online!!!). I don't like Wii, but I don't hate it. Well, I hate Tecmo because released Fatal Frame 4 ONLY on Wii

Originally Posted by kriz View Post
A modded wii Recomended....
Any console must be modded, as well to play import games!!!

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