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more uploads to FTP: USER/DRJ

3DProfessional 1.50 tracer.adf
3DProfessional 1.50.adf
Aegis Video Tittler V1.5 d1.adf
Aegis Video Tittler V1.5 d2.adf
Aegis Video Tittler V1.5 d3.adf
Art Expression V1.03 Fonts.adf
Art Expression V1.03 serial 601636.
Copyist DTP V1.65 d1.adf
Copyist DTP V1.65 d2.adf
Deluxe Paint III V3.14 Spain d1.adf
Deluxe Paint III V3.14 Spain d2.adf
Deluxe Paint III V3.14 Spain d3.adf
DeluxeVideo III V1.06 spain d III.adf
DeluxeVideo III V1.06 spain d1.adf
DeluxeVideo III V1.06 spain d2.adf
DeluxeVideo III V1.06 spain d4.adf
Dr.T's IFF Samples Disk1.adf
Dr.T's IFF Samples Disk2.adf
Dr.T's Tiger Cub V1.08 Auxiliary.adf
Dr.T's Tiger Cub V1.08 MPE.adf
FinalWrite4 Spanish Dictionary.adf
FinalWriter British Dictionary d1.adf
FinalWriter British Dictionary d2.adf
FincalCopy V1.3 d1.adf
FincalCopy V1.3 d2.adf
FincalCopy V1.3 d3.adf
Headlines 2 d1.adf
Headlines 2 d2.adf
Headlines 3 d1.adf
Headlines 3 d2.adf
Headlines 3 d3.adf
Headlines 3 d4.adf
HiSpeed Pascal Units.adf
HiSpeed Pascal V1.3.adf
HiSpeed Pascal V2.0.adf
ImageFX V1.6.adf
Imagine Objects Vol2. d1.adf
Imagine Objects Vol2. d2.adf
Imagine Objects Vol2. d3.adf
Imagine V2.0 FP.adf
Imagine V2.0 INT.adf
Imagine V2.0 Objects.adf
Imagine V2.9 PAL FP.adf
Imagine V2.9 PAL Integer.adf
Imagine V4.0 rev1.0 d1.adf
Imagine V4.0 rev1.0 d2.adf
Imagine V4.0 rev1.0 d3.adf
InfoChannel IC400 d1.adf
InfoChannel IC400 d10.adf
InfoChannel IC400 d11.adf
InfoChannel IC400 d12.adf
InfoChannel IC400 d13.adf
InfoChannel IC400 d14.adf
InfoChannel IC400 d2.adf
InfoChannel IC400 d3.adf
InfoChannel IC400 d4.adf
InfoChannel IC400 d5.adf
InfoChannel IC400 d6.adf
InfoChannel IC400 d7.adf
InfoChannel IC400 d8.adf
InfoChannel IC400 d9.adf
IntroCAD plus V3.07 disco1.adf
IntroCAD plus V3.07 disco2.adf
IntroCAD V2.0 PAL.adf
KaraFonts USA disk 1.adf
KaraFonts USA disk 2.adf
KaraFonts USA disk 3.adf
MakePath for VistaPro.adf
MaxiPlan IV V4.09.adf
PageStream HotLinks.adf
PageStream PPD Disk1.adf
PageStream PPD Disk2.adf
PageStream V2.22 update.adf
PenPal V1.1.4 d1.adf
PenPal V1.1.4 d2.adf
Pixel3D pro V1.0 68000.adf
Pixel3D pro V1.0 68020-040.adf
PixelPro XL.adf
Professional Draw V2.0 d1.adf
Professional Draw V2.0 d2.adf
ProWrite Fonts1.adf
ProWrite Fonts2.adf
ProWrite Proscript.adf
Prowrite V3.1.3 Program.adf
Prowrite V3.1.3 Utils.adf
QuickWrite UK Dictionary.adf
QuickWrite V1.1.adf
RasterLink sn 001202.adf
SAS-C V5.1.1 d1.adf
SAS-C V5.1.1 d2.adf
SAS-C V5.1.1 d3.adf
SAS-C V5.1.1 d4.adf
SAS-C V5.1.1 d5.adf
SAS-C V5.1.1 d6.adf
Scenary Animator V1.06.adf
SoftFace Vol 1 d1 [FinalCopy].adf
SoftFace Vol 1 d2 [FinalCopy].adf
SoftFace Vol 2 d1 [FinalCopy].adf
SoftFace Vol 2 d2 [FinalCopy].adf
SoftFace Vol 3 d1 [FinalCopy].adf
SoftFace Vol 3 d2 [FinalCopy].adf
SoftFace Vol 4 d1 [FinalCopy].adf
SoftFace Vol 4 d2 [FinalCopy].adf
SpectraColor for HAM-E d1.adf
SpectraColor for HAM-E d2.adf
Spectracolor V3.2 d1.adf
Spectracolor V3.2 d2.adf
SuperBase Professional V3.1 d1.adf
SuperBase Professional V3.1 d2.adf
SuperBase Professional V3.1 d3.adf
SuperJAM V1.0c d1 310d2115.adf
SuperJAM V1.0c d2 Extras.adf
SuperJAM V1.0c d2 Turbosound.adf
SupraBoot series III V3.8b.adf
Supratools series III V3.8b.adf
UltraDesign V1.1 d1.adf
UltraDesign V1.1 d2.adf
VistaPro V3.03 upgrade.adf
VistaPro V3.08 fixdisk.adf
X-CAD Professional V1.3 d1.adf
X-CAD Professional V1.3 d2.adf
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