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Originally Posted by amiga View Post
To me, the best gaming platform remains the Commodore 64.
No other computer or console after that got the excellent playability that the C64 games had!
It is shame that you choose that nick.

As for best gaming platform, until 1 year ago I would say 'never get xBox', but now with softmoded xBox I found my self mostly playing on xBox. That console is closest to PC with number of emulators and with option to play games from HD it is great platform - all from comfort of living room.

DC is another great console with great homebrew community. But DC's emulators lack in speed (for example DreamSNES) and no HD.

I have also rest of 6th generation of consoles just so that I can play exclusive titles.

Last time I updated my PC for gaming was about 4-5 years ago. It is expensive to keep up to date with PC hardware and software, so I just keep one old laptop for emulation and one day I might get some nice PC to play games of today, once they are retro.
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