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I signed up, I like the idea. I really really think you've done a great thing trying to create something like this (and I love the map) but..

Drupal (the scripts powering the site) seems a bit... well... erm... how do I put it delicately?


Do you use this one at work? Was it the first you came across? I am just curious.

vBulletin (what's used on EAB) or phpBB are my faves when it comes to forum related activity. But I would imagine you are really trying to get away from a forum style site. No? I mean why duplicate the functionality of EAB, and etc.

I look forward to seeing what happens.

Personally I'd like to see some UK based activities, bar meets etc. Perhaps some recommended shops & their locations (although they go out of date fast) times & dates of good car boot sales perhaps?

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